Welcome! I'm Stacey, owner of Captured Spirit Photography

Hello there!


I started taking photographs my senior year of high school. My father gave me a used Minolta to take on a trip to the Caribbean. I fell in love with the camera and with the islands. Since then, I have moved from film to digital and have photographed everything from architecture to landscapes but for me, nothing is quite as magical as portraiture.

For anyone curious to learn a little about me, here are a few truths… I love the subtle things in life… the quality of the light at sunrise, the smell of the rain and the elegance of a handwritten note. I love bouquets of fresh peonies, a new pair of pajamas and sleeping late on the weekend. I prefer a picnic on the beach to dinner at a restaurant and I love traveling to places I have never been to before. 

More than anything, I love my husband. He is my best friend, the light in my life, and my partner on this wonderful journey.