Jill Bear and Mom.jpg

Captured Spirit… how perfectly that describes your work.  You are a thorough and thoughtful professional.  There is an infectious joyfulness in your approach that made my mother and me feel comfortable, happy and relaxed. When I look at my mom in the photo, I feel you really captured who she was.  Her depth and love and light.  And I was so happy to see a photo of her at that stage in her life where her beauty was truly caught and unmasked, rather than just the casual snapshots in the greenish flourescent light that couldn't show anyone what I was seeing in her. Many photos bring back sweet memories and aspects of our love and lifetime together.  But the one you took...  there is such an intimacy about it, and the feelings just speak so clearly.  I think that is because you are so much more than someone who snaps a photo, but someone who sees deeply into people and responds with love.  - Jill 

Doing the shoot made me feel sexy, it made me feel beautiful, it made me feel confident. Plus, it was FUN! I think every women should treat herself to this experience. You are so much fun to work with Stacey! - Carolyn

You are truly an amazing artist to work with! You put us at ease and made the session fun! It was inspiring to see how much excitement you get from doing what you do, we could really see your passion flow. Thank you Stacey, we love the photos so much. 

- Steve & Pamme

Wow!!! Honestly, that is the word I keep saying when I look at the portraits you did of me - WOW! I didn't think I could look and feel so beautiful. You are an AMAZING photographer. The shoot with you was so much fun. Doing the hair and the make-up made me feel like a super-model. The whole experience changed the way I see myself. Thank you so much Stacey - I love my portraits and so does my husband!!!!  

- Avalon

Not only are you a great photographer, you made the shoot fun which allowed me to just be myself. So many photographers seem to think that a woman has to look sexy in order to be beautiful but you don't take that approach. You focused on me, on who I am, and you captured my feminine essence. My husband says these are the most beautiful  and authentically "me" photos anyone has ever taken. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!

- Twyla